Informatics Capstone 2021

Informatics Capstone 2021

Over the course of the academic year senior students in informatics have been dilligently working on bringing to life information systems to solve real-world problems. From design to implementation, with many iterations in between, they created solutions from a blank slate all the way to finished product.
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75 Projects

287 Students

51,000+ GitHub Commits

Awards & Recognition

Students' Choice

Students in the class vote for a project other than their own for the this peer-selected honor. Members of the winner team each receive a $100 award.

Top Project

Projects are nominated by the associate instructors, vetted by the faculty instructors, and presented to the department chair for consideration. Members of the winning team each receive a $250 award.

Teamwork Trophy

The associate instructors will reccomend and the instructors will choose from that list a team that demonstrated exceptional teamwork throughout the semester. Members of the winning team each receive a $100 award.

Support & Acknowledgements

We wish to make some acknowledgements to people who have helped to make this journey successful over the course of the year.

  • Our Circles of Support

    This year has been different and nothing would be possible without the people who support us, both inside and outside of the classroom. This support enables us to surmount challenges we have been faced with pursuing our final projects.
  • Informatics Department Chair

    We appreciate the time and dedication of chair Professor Katie Siek (and former chair Associate Professor Nathan Ensmenger) in supporting this course and helping the faculty teaching the course in their effort to redesign the course for the current academic year.
  • Luddy Linux Team

    Rob Henderson and colleagues keep the Burrow running, maintain the infrastructure required for our projects (hosting and databases), and respond to all of our helpdesk tickets with speed, effeciency... and every now and then a fun meme.

Faculty & Instructors

Logan Paul


Daniel Richert

Senior Lecturer

Simon Lee

Adjunct Lecturer

Associate Instructors

Krishna Bathina

Kelly McClinton

Animesh Gupta

Adarsh Hegde

Niranjan Abhyankar

Rushikesh Gawande

Samer Al'Saffar

Nayeem Shaik

Dalya Manatova

Kaitlin Pet

Rohit Rokde

Shivani Katukota

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#PHP #MySQL #Web #GoogleLogin #Javascript #GoogleMaps

  • Team 47

    MeetNow is a website that allows for the organization of teams, meetings, and task tracking. This system has several features that take over the mundane tasks required for meetings and allows users to focus on more important goals.

  • Team 85

    Our Capstone project for the Spring 2021 semester is a web application designed for IU students to help them schedule meetings with other students. Our application will allow students to find their team members profiles, schedule meetings, view those...

  • Team 09

    Friends4Life is a site focused on bringing people together outside of the screen. The site makes keeping up with relationships a breeze, letting users view the interests, preferences, and important life events of their friends. Friends4Life makes fri...

  • Team 77

    Best of the Midwest Meeting Scheduler is a simplified meeting organization website. Ideal of teams, groups, businesses, and clubs.

  • Team 13

    ACE Reps Mobile is a proprietary mobile application for the high end industrial heating and air condition company, AC Equipment Representatives, INC. ACE Reps Mobile offers a new platform for AC Equipment Reps to better serve their clients. The app a...

  • Team 29

    The purpose of Hoosier Global is to connect prospective study abroad students at IU to connect with current students who have previously studied abroad. Deciding where to study abroad is a huge decision that needs a lot of research before picking a f...

  • Team 50

    Art Match is an Android application created to facilitate collaboration between artists. The app connects artists with other artists and businesses.

  • Team 45

    Golf Buddy is an application that gives the user a more technologically friendly experience when golfing. They can create a profile, keep track of their information, check the weather, track their scores and create a scorecard, research local golf co...