Informatics Capstone 2023
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Informatics Capstone 2023

Over the course of the academic year senior students in informatics have been diligently working on bringing to life information systems to solve real-world problems. From design to implementation, with many iterations in between, they created solutions from a blank slate all the way to finished product.

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Awards & Recognition

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Support & Acknowledgements

  • Informatics Administration

    We appreciate the time and dedication of our Informatics Chair, Associate Chair, and Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Luddy Linux Team

    Rob Henderson and colleagues keep the Burrow running, maintain the infrastructure required for our projects (hosting and databases), and respond to all of our helpdesk tickets with speed, effeciency... and every now and then a fun meme.
  • Our Circles of Support

    This year has been a whirlwind and nothing would be possible without the people who support us, both inside and outside of the classroom. This support enables us to surmount challenges we have been faced with pursuing our final projects.

Faculty & Instructors

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  • Team 21

    IdentifyU is a platform for connecting students at Indiana University. In particular, this platform focuses on building a community for under-represented groups on campus. This may be on the grounds of religious, racial, ethnic, gendered or any other...

  • Team 46

    Espire is a collegiate esports platform designed to be an informational bridge between players looking for college esport scholarships, and colleges looking for players. Our website allows users to easily find what colleges, teams, and scholarship of...

  • Team 06

    Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a ride and hello to the convenience of being driven with just a few taps on your laptop. Ridea is here to take you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to get there. Ridea aims to provide affordable and comf...

  • Team 12

    Hoosier Roommate is a website that helps IU students who plan to live in a dormitory find the best possible roommate by allowing students to display their interests, music tastes, and lifestyle, and then allowing them to view other students who are s...

  • Team 13

    BetterLivin is a site focused on helping individuals lower or eliminate their use of addictive substances in order to improve their health and overall well-being. Users have the ability to track and store their alcohol and/or nicotine consumption, cr...

  • Team 03

    Welcome Hoosiers to your brand new centralized EventHub that will help you stay updated with events around campus, view all the sport teams IU has to offer and buy and sell your tickets to events going on around IU. Our site also includes a scores pa...

  • Team 38

    Finding housing can in Bloomington as a student can be overwhelming without knowing where to look. B-Town Student Housing eliminates the stress and has everything in one place. From on-campus to off-campus, B-Town Student Housing is here to help figu...

  • Team 42

    So you just got your acceptance letter to Indiana University, and you're excited to start the next chapter of your life: higher education. The countdown to student orientation has begun, and you need to prepare by figuring out your housing preference...