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Data Visualization for HomeSHARE

Utilizing minimally invasive wearable and in home sensors, data visualizations can be developed from health informatics data to help support older adults increase their autonomy and ability for self-care in the context of aging-in-place.

Project People

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Our Project

We consider how visualizations communicating information from wearable technologies and in-home sensor system data can be utilized in a mobile application environment to provide older adults who live alone with the resources necessary to raise and maintain their autonomy while aging in place. To understand the needs of older adults, we analyzed smartwatch, sensor, and interview data from 9 older adults. We find that utilizing visualizations that can re-contextualize personal informatics data through various time frames, and allowing older adults to share that information, addresses some of their primary concerns around aging in place. By having a more general view over their lifestyle, older adults can make better informed decisions about their self-care, impacting the need for caregivers and assisted living programs. Our findings encourage developing resources in the field of personal informatics that emphasize the importance of autonomy in aging in place and having older adults be the primary active agents in such resources.

Big Points

  • Analyzed qualitative interview data from 9 older adults
  • Classified qualitative coding relevancy to design based on principles from related literature
  • Assed how current statistical visualizations fail to provide context relevant information to older adults in order to influence design direction
  • Identified current unmet safety, psychological, and quality of life needs in the lives of older adults
  • Developed original visualizations centered around providing practical insights from health informatics data as a culmination of previous points

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Dereck Rosario

Dereck is a computer science and mathematics double major at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. His interests revolve around looking for an intersection between the applied mathematics and data science fields that can still enable him to help others.

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Omarya Diaz

Undergraduate of Computer Science and Computational Data Science . Research assistant in REU ProHealth Informatics. Project 2021: HomeSHARE.

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