REU 2021 / Prototyping a Mobile App to Support Food Sharing Between Remote Families
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REU 2021 \ RemoteFood

Prototyping a Mobile App to Support Food Sharing Between Remote Families

We prototyped a mobile application, Cooking Stories, to help families connect over food experiences while distanced from each other. We ideated on low and medium fidelity prototypes, conducted usability testing, and based on that feedback created a high fidelity prototype. Ultimately, our prototype showed potential for supporting the exchange of food experiences.

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Our Project

Individuals have difficulty maintaining healthy habits and families can provide this support for each other, but distance makes this interchange more challenging. In this paper, we prototype Cooking Stories, a mobile application designed both to support sharing food experiences between remote families and to encourage continued food sharing in person. Cooking Stories focused on two features: connecting individuals with recipes that meet their dietary needs, and helping individuals share their experiences cooking with remote family and friends. We conducted IRB approved usability testing on a medium fidelity prototype with five participants. Most the participants felt that the app addressed their information sharing needs. We then examine Cooking Stories’ potential to help distanced families share food experiences. In addition, we discuss how the takeaways from our prototyping process and usability feedback can inform best practices for Health Informatics systems promoting health eating, specifically in family contexts.


Big Points

  • Analyzed past work to establish major design principles for our prototype
  • Created low, medium, and high fidelity interactive prototypes
  • Conducted IRB approved usability testing on our medium fidelity prototype with 5 individuals recruited online
  • Established major points of improvement based on testing feedback


Forum's and Colin's Lightning Talk

Here we give a 5 minute lightning talk on our work in the REU this summer.

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Forum Modi

Forum Modi is a 1st year Ph.D. Student at IU Bloomington who studies research surrounding Health Informatics and Queer Human-Computer Interaction. Forum's past research has studied intergenerational families sharing food experiences at a distance and abortion access but he is now studying how the LGBTQIA+ community uses social media.

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Colin LeFevre

An Informatics student at Indiana University and a Proactive Health Informatics lab member. Interested in socially impactful HCI research that improves personal outcomes, both in and beyond the context of health.

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