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The Proactive Health Informatics REU aims to build usable and intelligent pervasive systems that empower people to manage their health and see how their everyday decisions impact their progress to achieve future health goals. Our REU site provides students with a unique opportunity to learn techniques in the areas of human computer interaction, pervasive computing (mobile or wearable), environmental sensing (ambient and on-body), and the implications of technologies on society.

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  • We prototyped a mobile application, Cooking Stories, to help families connect over food experiences while distanced from each other. We ideated on low and medium fidelity prototypes, conducted usability testing, and based on that feedback created a h...

    Colin LeFevre
    Forum Modi

  • Studies on Individual Heat Exposure typically use small temperature sensors in various ways that make it difficult to validate data and do cross-study comparisons. This study attempts to prototype custom-made wearable solar radiation shields to impro...

    Greatzel Unabia
    Oscar Urbina

  • We are focusing on a specific group of healthcare providers that work mainly outside the hospital settings. We are working with pregnancy care providers serving in the state of Indiana: doulas, lactation consultants, midwives, and baby-spinning instr...

    Valentina Mosquera
    Nudrat Nawar

  • Utilizing minimally invasive wearable and in home sensors, data visualizations can be developed from health informatics data to help support older adults increase their autonomy and ability for self-care in the context of aging-in-place.

    Omarya Diaz
    Dereck Rosario